More features in our Signal Interface Converter

A couple of weeks ago we introduced our EVS Signal Interface Converter (EVS-SIC) as our next product in a series of new releases where refocus on increasing the life and compatibility of your existing system.

That release was focusing on presenting the Serial Interface Conversion aspect of the Converter, but it has a second function.

By connecting the USB port to your trucks (or other devices) USB port, our EVS-SIC can act as a keyboard emulator instead of Signal Converter. This mean that a readers (RFID, Barcode) output when connected to the input of EVS-SIC can be transferred to a truck terminal as if typed on a keyboard.

As for the serial data conversion, the connection is made through standard RS232 interfaces both in and out, and the transfer rate on both ports can be selected between 1.200 to 115.200 kbit/s. Parity and/or Stop bits can also be converted.

The EVS-SIC can also be used for logic control, i.e. the unit can be programmed with a databse for verification of approved ID numbers, which are either used for verification that the tag is correctly read, or for control purposes of a connected unit.

Note that EVS-SIC can only be used as Signal Converter or keyboard emulator, not both simultaneously. 

Use your old equipment with our modern EVS138 readers

We continue this year by presenting our next product in a series of new releases where refocus on increasing the life and compatibility of your existing system.

After Introducing our ZIOX-converter in our RFID line last year, we now present our EVS Signal Interface Converter (EVS-SIC)

You might want to keep your existing camera in a code reading system, while still needing to upgrade the readers to more modern technology. As always when merging new technology with old, there might be problems with communication between the units.
A common case we have seen is when a customer want to switch to our EVS138 readers while preferring to keep their old Baumer EVS128 or EVS134 cameras. Our EVS138 reader communicate via a 115.200 kbit/s interface, while the Baumer camera send its data at 12.000 kbit/s. By connecting our EVS-SIC between the units, the signal is converted seamlessly.
The EVS-SIC can of course be used for any kind of serial data conversion. The connection is made through standard RS232 interfaces both in and out, and the transfer rate on both ports can be selected between 12.000 to 115.200 kbit/s. Parity and/or Stop bits can also be converted.

Ideal125 – a flexible replacement to Baumer Ident OIS-L Series 77 reader.

Ident System IDeal125 LF-controller is fully compatible with the obsolete OIS-L Series-77 reader from Baumer Ident.

ideal125 rfid reader and ideal125a rfid antenna

Our IDeal125 LF-controller is a Read/Write device with two antenna ports that we developed to fill the gap that occurred when production of the Baumer Ident OIS-L product line was stopped.

Being a more modern design than the OIS-L, the IDeal125 has a number of additional features. We kept the external connections and the program commands identical to the old system so all existing cables and programs can be used without causing additional work or cost. New antennas are required but the housings are identical to the old OIS-L series.

To increase the compatibility options even further IDeal125 is avaliable in two different versions, one with a standard RS232 serial interface and the other with PROFIBUS, for compability with those systems that are running on PROFIBUS protocol.

Depending on antenna type and size, this powerful device can achieve a reading distance of up to 30 cm. The IDeal125 two channel controller allows near field and short range applications.

Read more about IDeal 125 on our product page.

All of us at Ident System AB Wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For us at IdentSystem AB 2018 was an eventful year with several large projects over Europe. We also introduced our Tambour ID system for the papermill market as well as several new products such as the ZIOX Host Controller for seamless communication between our products and older Baumer systems, ATU and ATC134 Antenna Tuning Unit and Antenna Tuning Controller for 134.5 systems, On the optical reader side we have introduced a new Pan/Tilt unit in out EVS144 Range and the possibility for Master/Slave connections for larger reading area.

In 2019 we plan to continue developing out international website and also continue to add a wider range of our industrial optical and RFID readers to our Nordic Webshop at We will also focus on continued development of new products and systems  extensions of our current range.

RFID-based Tambour-ID

Since the launch of our Ideal134 system, IdentSystem AB have now made our 5th installation globally of the system for use for Tambour ID at papermills.
The system fully replaces the older Baumer Ident OIS-P and it can also be used for new installations. Ideal134 give the user full traceability back to master systems such as MES and similar and is invaluable for operators to avoid errors in handling and to trace production and quality data.

The system consists of a reader connected to the present Mill Executive System and will keep track of Tambour-ID, orientation and acceptable destinations. The Tambour-ID system easily integrates with various MES e.g. Honeywell Optivision, ABB Automation, Paperline and similar systems.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our website here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.

EVS138 Master/Slave configuration

If you have need to cover a large area to find the location of your code, or if your goods vary in size to a significant degree we suggest that you use 2 EVS138 in a Master/Slave configuration.

With EVS138 cameras in Master/Slave configuration you can search and scan the code over a large area and when any of the cameras find the code, the data will be sent through the common RS232 interface.

The Master/Slave connected cameras can also be used for read verification which results in a “good read” or “no read” signal on the digital I/O.

EVS138 is able to read codes at a distance up to 13 meters, depending on the code size and density.

Launching Antenna Tuning Control for 134.2 systems

Normally your 134,2 kHz LF-antenna would be tuned at the factory, but after installation at the new facility fine tuning might need to be done to optimise the performance. Normally this fine tuning is done by adjusting the capacitor values on the Antenna tuning board and to facilitate this we are now introducing our Antenna Tuning Control (ATC134).

By connecting the ATC134 to a simple volt meter or oscilloscope you can easily find the resonance frequency and optimum capacitor values for your specific installation.If your system is not tunable, we recommend the use of our own Antenna Tuning Unit, with or without Tuning Indicator.

Contact us for more information.

Now Launching ZIOX Host Controller

Many of the requests we get from customers is about upgrading and exchanging older PREMID systems, either to improve performance or to replace systems failing by age.

The main work in these projects are often to facilitate communication between main systems set up for communication with older devices protocol, in our case often the Baumer Ident ZIOX16 system.

IdentSystem ABs new ZIOX Host Controller (ZIOX-HC) was developed just to simplify these projects – by both acting as a polling device for the new system and also converting the host protocol and message to Ziox16, which means that customers can connect the new IDEAL134,2 system more or less directly in existing environment.

Ident System products now in our Nordic webshop

Ident Systems Swedish website where we offer DOBOT robotic arms for our Nordic customers have now been expanded to contain a selection of our Barcode and RFID readers as well as RFID antennas.

ideal125 rfid reader and ideal125a rfid antenna

The webshop was expanded as an easy way for our customers to order for direct delivery smaller volumes for testing and experimental purposes.
The customer that want to see our larger product assortment can visit, our international website in three languages and contact us from there for more information or orders.

Ident System AB – New version of EVS138 for SME

Ident System AB will during the fourth quarter launch a new version of EVS138 barcode scanner aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for either fixed or mobile mounting such as forklift for pallet handling.  The scanner is operated by means of a joystick, which in turn, works a read head mounted on a movable unit. The handler then controls the camera that reads the codes accordingly.


The new EVS138 will read all common barcodes and 2D codes. It is based on latest matrix technology and can withstand the tough industrial environments of forklift truck applications, including the shock and vibration stresses. The EVS138 read-head has autofocus capabilities allowing it to read codes between 0,2 m up to 13 m. The technology used in the EVS138 provides extremely good reading capabilities. It has built-in error correction.


  • Long reading distance (0,2 m up to 13 m depending on code density)
  • Large depth of sharpness range
  • Reads Bar code and 2D codes
  • Built-in laser pointer for aiming
  • Omni-directional reading
  • No external lamp needed

The new EVS138 is currently in final development but read more about the EVS138 series on our product page.